Traveling on a budget

Waiting for the “right” time to travel is like waiting for the rain to stop so you can have fun. It is a trap that sets you up to delay the traveling you have always wanted to do. Lack of time time, budget, and various other reasons not to do it now only mean giving up opportunities to enjoy the wealth of experiences that await every traveler.

Budget is a valid concern for any traveler. You would not want to worry about paying future bills just because you overspent on a vacation. But constant worrying about the potential impact of traveling to your savings can be counterproductive. It may mislead you into thinking that you are better off staying within the comforts of home and overwork yourself to save up for a trip that is increasingly becoming difficult to realize.

If you are planning to spend hard-earned money on traveling the best move forward is to start preparing for the trips you have always wanted to do. You will be surprised as how far you can stretch your budget without missing out on all the fun and adventures that travels unfailingly give.

Go where you can stretch your budget most
– There will always be that one or two places you wish to go in this lifetime. Do not despair if they happen to be among the more expensive ones. Keep them on your bucket list, but start setting your eyes to cheaper destinations. You do not have to travel to those places first. Hone your traveling skills instead by exploring cities where you can have fun without putting much dent on your savings.

Practice the art of packing light – You will be surprised as to how convenient life on the road can be if you do not have to worry about excess baggage fees and long check-in lines. Apart from trimming down the time you spend waiting for luggage in airports, you can easily move around if you do not have to tow your suitcase around. Many airports offer several choices of airport shuttles which save you money from cab fares. However, there are still many cities that do not provide much in terms of transportation options. You can benefit most from an easy-to-carry bag if you want to avoid leaving the airport by cab like many budget-savvy travelers do. Having no cumbersome luggage is also an advantage should you wish to share a cab with others to split the cost.

Rediscover the joys of walking – Transportation can be a source of strain in your budget. One of the best ways to make the most of your trip is to choose a hotel or apartment within reasonable walking distance to popular city attractions. You can then plan your day exploring the area based on cultural, food, nature, or a combination of what appeal to you most. Walking is the best way to do this for it affords you plenty of time to see more than what travel brochures offer. It is also a great way to go about like a local. If walking is not an option, go for public transportation. Apart from being cheaper, this gives you an opportunity for interactions with locals and tourists.

Hone your sense of adventure and curiosity – A sense of adventure and a finely tuned curiosity can go a long way in creating unforgettable memories during your travels. There are several famous attractions that cost you a substantial amount of money by way of tour rates, entrance fees, etc. Passing up an opportunity to visit those places doesn’t have to ruin your vacation. You can always find many other interesting sites off less beaten tracks. All you need is a map and an adventurous spirit and you’re set to go. You might even be surprised by what you see and discover along the way.

As one of the most favorite quotes of many travelers says, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” If your desire to travel burns as strongly as your wish to save money, you will find a way. Don’t ever let the fear of spending hard-earned cash hold you back from seeking memorable adventures from all the traveling that you can do.