What to See and Do When Traveling around Acapulco

What to See and Do When Traveling around Acapulco

One of the things we enjoyed doing here for this website is watching videos that feature the town. It’s great to see people sharing their videos and stories about their experiences when visiting. It’s also a chance for us to see some of the sights featured from the perspectives of those who’ve taken them. And it’s good to see that there’s always something to find that piques our curiosity and want us to see for ourselves.

If you’re curious about what to see and do when in Acapulco, wonder no more. Here are some of the videos that should give you a fairly good idea of what to look forward to

Acapulco Travel Video

Tall buildings overlooking azure waters, a pool overlooking a scenic view, sandy beaches, palm trees, and city lights as night sets in – these are just some of the things you’ll find in this video. Each place is just a glimpse of the bigger picture that is Acapulco. But it is enough for us to want to head out and see what we may have missed or have not seen yet. Whether it’s a relaxing stroll at the beach, an exciting sea or ocean adventure, or a scrumptious dinner at a local restaurant, this place has plenty of secrets waiting to be discovered.

Two Months in Acapulco Travel Documentary

This video is longer than the previous one and taken over a span of several weeks’ stay in town. It makes us think about the experiences of the people behind it. Travelers’ stories are interesting. Photos and videos make us wonder about the tales behind them. It’s amazing how every image represents something that only those who’ve captured it truly understand. And for us, even the smallest glimpse behind those stories is a beautiful thing.

Flawed but Beautiful – Top Things to Love about Acapulco

Flawed but Beautiful – Top Things to Love about Acapulco


Acapulco is no paradise. It has its share of flaws. The increase in the number of crimes in recent years has been a cause of concern for locals and tourists alike. Travelers have been advised to be cautious when traveling to the area. But despite the worrisome picture this paints to outsiders, life in town goes on. And the place is not as crime-riddled as you would imagine it to be given all the bad things that have been said about it in recent years.
There are many things to like about Acapulco. Some of the best include:

Sunshiny days – There’s something about sunny days and clear blue skies that can make you inexplicably happy. The warm and pleasant weather that goes with it makes it easier to enjoy being out and about.

Beautiful beaches – There are many beaches in the area. Many of which are popular with tourists. There are also quieter stretches of sandy shores for those inclined for less-crowded getaways. The view of the ocean further adds to the feeling of serenity that hits you as you sit or stroll along the beach.

Breathtaking diving sites – There are several good diving sites in the area. Some of which only the more experienced divers can get into. So even for locals, there are still many places under the sea that are worth checking out.

Delightful cuisines – Food is one of the best finds in Acapulco. It not only offers scrumptious tacos but also a wide array of delicious foods as well such as ceviche, enchilades, sopes, and tamales.

Vibrant nightlife – Nightlife in Acapulco is one of its tourist attractions. There are many bars and clubs where people can go for a fun night out. Some are even open until the wee hours of the morning. With so many places to go even at night, life in town is far from boring.

Interesting attractions – There’s much to see, especially if you pay more attention to your surroundings. One doesn’t have to be a tourist to appreciate the town’s nature trails and historic landmarks.
Travelers have always been drawn to the uniqueness of the places they visit. The newness of the surroundings and the experiences that come with every place being explored has always been one of the perks that go hand in hand with traveling. Thankfully, one doesn’t have to wander far to experience it.